About Us

The Burmese Lacquerware is a living traditional art began with the Pagoda in Bagan since 11 th Century. Since then it has never fade daway and has still been producing as a professional business by the people in Bagan.

The Bagan House Lacquerware enterprise was first established in 1930, during the British colonial times, by U Pho Gaung,great-grandfather of the present owner  Ma Maw. It was then named "Saya Gung", after its founder lacquerware caskets labelled "Saya Gaung" can be found in a British Museum and also in the possession of collectors. Daw Wei, the daughter of the founder and the grandmother of Ma Maw, even travelled as Thibaw and Nyaung Shwe in the Shan states, the hilly region, to sell the exquisite lacquerwares to the Saw Bwas (the Shan equivalent of Maha Rajah) during their reign.

Ma Maw's father, U Tint Aung also worked as the production manager at the Government Institute of lacquerware Manufacturing. He attended a course in Lacquerware at Wajima Lacquerware School in Khu-ra-mai, Kyu Shu Island, Japan, from 1969 to 1971. While giving lectures and practical training at the government institute, a cottage industry also runs in his house. Ma Maw, the fourth generation in this business, has inherited  it from her ancestors is now manufacturing  both  traditional and modern design Lacquerware, furniture and ornaments required for home decoration and other household items.



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